14. Defining The Real Jesus. The Word Becoming Event.

The term “the real Jesus” refers to an experience that over the centuries has been identified with the presence of the living Lord, whether that experience happens to an individual in personal encounter, or where two or three are gathered together in his name (Matt 18:20).

3 thoughts on “14. Defining The Real Jesus. The Word Becoming Event.

  1. I am new to your podcast because of tendonitis and a neuro rehab therapist who was familiar with it and thought that I, a minister, might find it interesting. Not only that but the first 20 episodes have caused me to THINK, RETHINK, RELECT on the WORD I have tried to live and share over a lifetime. Thank you!


      1. Thank you Jonathan for your prompt response. Your podcast is a treasure, a blessing. You freely share a lifetime of prayer, study,of scripture, and experience of life in the church. I am an ordained Presbyterian minister (Princeton Seminary, 1965). I have served churches in NJ, PA, and NC BUT I am presently sidelined by macular degeneration. Your podcast offers to me an opportunity to reflect on what I have learned in years of ministry and to be inspired for next step/steps in ministry. A month ago when I went to PT your sister, Kathryn was my enabler in neuro rehab. When she learned I was a Minister, she told me about your podcast and gave me the information I needed to find it. So, here I am thankful for your podcast ministry and for Kathryn who set me on right and most meaningful path that I could never have imagined when I went to PT for help with tendonitis!


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