88. 1. Two 18th Century Theologians. (Introduction)

John Wesley (1703-1791) founder of the Methodist church and Muḥammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhāb (1703-1792) founder of Wahhabism, were born in the same year and died less than a year apart. What were the factors that influenced these two significant theologians to understand belief in God and expression of faith in such radically different ways? Dr. Richard N. Soulen delivers this multipart podcast series. https://soulenandsoulen.com/


15 thoughts on “88. 1. Two 18th Century Theologians. (Introduction)

  1. Be guided by your heart. God’s Holy Spirit dwells within you. Seek to imitate Christ in your life. Read about that life in the New Testament.


  2. Sincerely I appreciate the Lord Almighty who made it possible for me to embrace Christ. I came to know God closely through Scripture Union Nigeria in August 3, 1987 and since then my spiritual life is aflame though with very hash persecutions (from my husband, his people and all my own people except my mother) but God has been helping me. The persecutions were so intense that I nearly back slided when I was asked to stop attending fellowship, I was out of fellowship for about five years. As I search the word one day I discovered I was almost backslided (thank God for the Holy Spirit who quickly drew me back to my feet and by the grace of God since then I’ve been standing strong for God. I use this medium to commend you all (King James Bible) printers because it was the first Bible I ever read you are doing a great job. May the Lord bless and continue to keep you even the dead amongst you may their generation never see hell in Jesus Name-Amen. My regards to yours. Known as Sister Ego Ubah.


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