98. Wisdom is a Feminine Noun

In both the Old Testament (written in Hebrew) and in the New Testament (written in Greek), the word Wisdom is a feminine noun and therefore considered a feminine principle.  The following sermon by Dr. Richard N. Soulen was delivered on Mother’s Day in the 1990s reflects on the role of Wisdom in our lives.  Today, we see an assault on women’s rights not only in Afghanistan but across the globe and here in America as well.  So… what is Wisdom? https://soulenandsoulen.com/


2 thoughts on “98. Wisdom is a Feminine Noun

  1. Today is the day after Valentine’s Day. Thank you for this beautiful message. I was reminded of your podcast from a card from Aunt Peg. Thank you. And I love both of you Soulenandsoulen. Beautiful voices with beautiful words


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