37. The Freedom and the Power

At this moment, you may or may not be baptized. The Christian believes that baptism is the symbolic washing of our wants and desires. But it is more than just a washing away of sins. Baptism also grants freedom and power to be a child of God. Baptism provides the opportunity to be more than your flesh and bones. Baptism provides the opportunity to be a force of love in a troubled world. https://soulenandsoulen.com/


27. Why do molecules pray?

Why do molecules pray?  What a curious question!  We might normally ask, “Why do I pray?” or “Why does anyone pray?”  And one answer to this question might be… that you or I feel a complete dependence on a power beyond the self.  But let’s study the need for prayer all the way down the ladder of evolution to the first appearance of life.   We might think of “prayer” as a universal phenomenon in all living things….and the following podcast focuses on this topic! https://soulenandsoulen.com/

5. The Defining Jesus Series: The Earthly, the Biblical, the Historical, and the Real Jesus, and How Not to Confuse Them

The introductory episode of the Defining Jesus Series: What do you mean when you say “Jesus”? Who, exactly, are you referring to? The Defining Jesus series is about the semantic content of the name Jesus and how it is used (and misused) in biblical studies, the church, and the popular press.